Warning: you may get a reputation.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what you want.

Your ambition is burning fiercely and you know it’s time to get even bolder and go even bigger with your business. The problem? Your brand doesn’t reflect who you are or where you’re going. Maybe you aren't actually sure where you're going, totally normal—and also why your website looks a liiiiittle bit like a homemade Etsy graveyard, pieces flung around the home page without rhyme or reason, also normal!

It's not that clients won't be madly obsessed with you once they know how great you are; it's that right now, your brand isn't supporting that story. Good news: we're going to fix that.

Join us for 5-days of FREE brand coaching


Join the 5-part free brand coaching experience designed to help you create a brand that doesn't just stand out, IT STANDS UP FOR THE WORK YOU DO!

Yes, we’re going to make your brand more engaging and gutsy! YES, this will make showing up in your business fun, again! and yes, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will want to chase you around the internet with the devotion of a smitten-kitten!

And the best part. You don’t even have to leave your house! Brand Together will be live from your desk!

So what do you say? are you IN. Are you ready to go big with your brand, together?

What you can look forward to at our free coaching event…



Discover the missing piece to designing a brand that doesn't just stand out it STANDS UP for the work you do!

You can learn all the strategies and tactics but if you’re not showing up as the brand you want to be known for then you’re going to slither hair-high first into that hurdle of hustle wondering if you'll ever drag your arse out of comparison-land.

In this session, we're going to explore the brand shifts you can make right now to go from frustrated unknown to your audience’s favourite obsession.



Learn the three-part process that every successful brand practices and how you can use this system to create your own signature brand style that dazzles your audience and dominates your industry.

You’re a go-getter business owner with a vision so volcanic it scares you sometimes. You have so many bold and brilliant ideas bubbling inside of you, ready to break the rules, start a movement, and change the world.



Discover the expandable lifetime value of your brand and what to focus on at each stage of your business

Your brand is a powerful way to build a savagely successful business!

In this third session, we’re going to discover what you need to do at each stage of your journey to build a roaring business using your brand, even if you don't know your pixel from your paintbrush and you’ve not had much success with your brand strategy so far.

don't just take our word for it...

In the short time I spent doing the work in the event, I realized even though I thought I was being as specific, I needed to drill down even more. I was able to go from very general to more specific and I saw how much stronger that was. This is so much fun!

Julie Holly - Event Attendee

It was really great, obviously (:D) and it made me realise how I've been avoiding marketing because I didn't know what to sound like. I'm looking forward to changing that!

Alex Platt - Event Attendee

Your event offered me a tangible way to think about how to design my brand. It was simple to follow & implement, & satisfying to create. I guess the thing you did was to get me out of my head and into being my brand!

Josette Williams - Event Attendee

frequently asked questions...

How much does an event ticket cost?

Absolutely nothing! This is a free coaching event that we host throughout the year to bring our favourite kind of people, ones wanting to work on their brand, together to create the space and focus you need to grow your brand.

How do I know this event is for me?

You’re a go-getter business owner with a vision so volcanic it scares you sometimes. You have so many bold and brilliant ideas bubbling inside of you, ready to break the rules, start a movement, and change the world. No matter the industry or size of your business if YOU are the business owner and you want to create a brand that not only stands out but STANDS UP to the work you do - this event is for you.

What if I'm new to business, do I need a brand before I get started?

Absolutely not! We work with complete newbies all the way up to multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs – you don’t need to have any brand experience to enjoy the event, but you do need to have a desire to create a stand-up brand for your business.

How much do I need to participate? Do I need to be there live?

Well, that's up to you! We totally understand that sometimes the timezones don’t work for our international guests, so when you sign up you’ll also get access to the replays for a short time. But if you can attend live we know you’ll get far more from the event.

Is this really free? What are you really trying to sell me?

You're smart. Of course, we absolutely want you to think we are so perfect for you that you're chasing us down the street throwing cash at us at any chance BUT first, we want to help you get the most out of this free event. So while yes, there will be an opportunity to continue the journey with us in The PowerBrand Experience after the free stuff - we won't talk about that again until after the main event, OK!

What date and time are the live sessions?

Excellent question. When you register we'll send you the full event schedule with all links and details. But for quick ref; the first live session starts Monday 27th at 10:30am (GMT). The event runs all week with sessions two and three at 10:30am (GMT) on Wednesday and Friday. Plus there will be plenty of opportunities to get all your questions answered inside the event group (hosted on Facebook) and through live coaching calls - these happen on Tues 28th & Thursday 30th at 1pm.